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Control FPGA did not initialize properly

Control FPGA did not initialize properly

After the PC was switched back on after running continously for months (maybe years), we couldn't get images from the PCI-1407/CCD Camera.


When using MAX to run self test on the board, it was OK.  See Attachment "Error".


However, when when try to capture or grab after selecting the channel device (rs170), it gave us an Error 0xBFF600B9 (The Control FPGA did not initialize properly).


Need to send back the board for servicing?  Please advise.

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Re: Control FPGA did not initialize properly

There is a chance that you would need to send this board back in for servicing. This error occurs when the FPGA on the board doesn't pass its consistency check (the standard check to make sure the FPGA is configured properly). It's possible it experienced a static discharge when the machine was turned on or off. Have you tried removing the card and putting it back in, or trying it on another machine?

Ravi A.
National Instruments | Applications Engineer
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Re: Control FPGA did not initialize properly

The machine is also controlling another experiment at the moment which is scheduled to finish next week.  After that, I will try to pull the board out and try it on another slot and then another machine (while wearing an antistatic strap).  I will let you know the result.


Just seem odd that the self test on the board was OK.  I would expect the fault to be reported there.


rgds William

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