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Basler Spl4096-140k and NI PCIe 1429


i use NI PICIe 1429 frame grabber to acquire image by Linescan Basler SpL4096 camera under LabWindows/CVI.


The interface, session and grab function work well in free-run mode.


I need to acquire line synchronized with external trigger generated via PCI 6731 and passed to frame grabber via RTSI bus.


I have checked that the trigger signal is correctly on the RTSI bus on the frame grabber.


I configure the External trigger with the imgSessionTriggerConfigure2 or imgSessionLineTrigSource2, but i have always a timeout on the grab or snap function when try to acquire, because the camera/framegrabber don't see the trigger signal.


Anyone can help me with trick?


Thank you



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Hi Mikkuz,


have you checked this KB:


IMAQ Boards that Support Routing to the Camera Control (CC) Lines





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Dear Giuseppe,


Thank you for the document, I've never seen.

Yesterday afternoon I had already solved, playing in MAX, sifting through all the tabs I had noticed this configuration possible.


I tried and it worked.



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