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i want to use labview with flight gear.


simply send some IO values via udp to flight gear from lab view.


i have seen the following links


but the above links talking about matrixx and i have not use it before but i am familliar with labview.

any one will be appericiated to guide me.




mazhar ali

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Re: flightgear

Hello Mazhar,

You ask an interesting question, if your main question is how to send values via udp in LabVIEW I would recommend looking at the UDP VI and Functions help in LabVIEW.


If you are interested in learning and using the MATRIXx environment, you can check out the evaluation version.  It is not a dataflow programming environment like LabVIEW, it is a control design and modeling software, which you may find useful if you work in the aerospace realm.  You can check out for more details about this software.


Hope this helps,

Angela M

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Re: flightgear

thanx Angela M


i have used udp once before but now my main objective is to communicate labview with flight gear.


i have downloaded matrixx and an example above nentioned links. but un able to run that example and i have also noticed that i have to take some time to understand matrixx to avoid this i want to run flight ger with labview.


can you help in this labview to flight gear. will be appericiated.

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Re: flightgear


It will be better to ask this question on the LabVIEW forums.  This will likely require someone to be familiar with whatever data flightgear sends and receives (hopefully the flightgear documentation is clear on this).  Past that, using the UDP VIs should be pretty simple, and you should be able to find help on the LabVIEW forum for that.


Angela M

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Re: flightgear

I just noticed this post.  Did you ever get your answer for how to do this with LabVIEW?


UDP is the correct solution and I have VIs that I've attached. is where you should start.


The FDM may have changed from the version I worked with, but it should be fairly easy to update to a newer version of FlightGear.  I was using the same version specified in the MATRIXx documents.



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Re: flightgear

Hi LBoltzmann,

Thank you for the Labview files but can you explain a little bit more about how to use these vi's with Flightgear? I have a couple of questions.


1. I downloaded the folders "cvi_include" and "FlightGear" which have header and makeucb.bat,, usrFlightGear.c and etc. Do I have to copy these files in the  FlightGearVIs ( folder or in the flightgear aircraft model folder?

2. I use Labview 2010 and Labwindows/CVI 2009. Does it matter to use different version of CVI? (I changed Labwindows/CVI07 lines to  Labwindows/CVI2009 in file, does it correct?)

3. Can we use these vi s with helicopter model?

4. When are we going to run the vi? after running flightgear or before?

5. I could download Flightgear version 1.9.1. Which setting do i have to change?


Can you explain step by step? i tried but i could not connect to flightgear.



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