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User-defined solver

User-defined solver

I was searching in documents if there is a possibility to incorporate user-defined solvers on my model, including capabilities like choose dynamically between solvers during a simulation (example: change the solver when I switch from actuators on my model)


For now, I didn't find anything. I hope someone can help me in this issue.

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Re: User-defined solver

The SystemBuild simulator currently cannot change solvers dynamically during a simulation.

What are the solver attributes or solver name were you intending to incorporate for your user-defined solver? (i.e. fixed step implicit solver, ...)

Internally the SystemBuild simulator has data structures for UserDefinedIntegrators, but they were not made public and hence not in the documentation.

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Re: User-defined solver

I will use this application on AutoCode generation, wich support use of user-defined integrators, not in SystemBuild.

My need is dinamic change, not just the integrator algorithm, but as well modify the integration time step. I need to change the integration time step, when I receive a command from one of the variables in the model.

I will not intend to use variable-step integrators that return in time to calculate better accuracy.

I just need to modify the integration time step for the same integrator algorithm or using different algorithms with different integration time steps.

PS. I saw in documentation that AutoCode just support fixed-step integrator. I only need to know if my situation applies on that limitation.

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Re: User-defined solver

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Re: User-defined solver



Now, I´m using generation for integration with Veristand.


I found problems with some block during the procedure, but in general the integration was fine.


NI R&D promess some upgrades to correct the problems.


Be confortable to contact me any time.

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