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I am trying to install NI-VISA 15.0.0 on my x86_64 computer with Ubuntu 14.04.3.

I followed the procedures listed in other threads for installing NI-VISA on Ubuntu. I mounted the .iso image and executed 'sudo ./INSTALL --nodeps'. The install seemed successful, with no error messages.

However, when I launch 'visaconf', I get the following error:

" failed to initialize

Perhaps you need to run updateNIDrivers

Aborted (core dumped)"

Executing 'updateNIDrivers', I get

"Configuring NI-KAL for kernel version 3.16.0-53-generic...

Building module nikal...

nikal successfully updated."

After rebooting, I still get the error. From other threads regarding this issue, I understand that there is an issue with systems having more than 4GB of addressable memory. Since I have 8GB of RAM on my system, I limited the addressable kernel memory by adding 'mem=4096M' to the kernel boot parameter list. After rebooting and updatingNIDrivers again, I still get the error.

When I run 'niSystemReport', I get the following error message: '/proc/ksyms: File not found'

I'm wondering if that might have anything to do with this issue. The full niSystemReport log is attached.

I have tried ./UNINSTALL, restarting, and ./INSTALL a couple of times, and with two different version of NI-VISA, but I am having no luck. After searching through all the threads regarding this issue, I'm not sure what else to try. Does anyone have any ideas?

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if I read the system log correctly, none of the kernel drivers are installed.

libnipalu needs nipalk to load and run correctly, but nothing in the syslog say anything about nipalk. Find a way to install all the kernel drivers (there are multiple of them maybe). I've never done this on Ubuntu since we don't support it.

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Have you found a solution to this issue?  I am having a very similar problem installing NI-VISA and NI-488.2 on Debian 8.3.  Please post if possible.

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