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Python3 support on CentOS7

Good AM ;


I have LV2018SP1 installed on CentOS7 and am trying to get Python3 working with the standard palette functions.

My VI just calls a script to enumerate the module search path.

The problem is that I have installed python3 per the Python Foundation instructions; compiling from source (./configure, make, make test, make altinstall) so that it does not conflict in any way with the CentOS system python (2.7.5).

The binary is in /usr/local/bin, and that is the lead directory in my $PATH.

The failure is 1663, in the Open Session VI.

1.) Substituting 2.7 for the 3.6 as the version works perfectly.

2.) Developed it originally on Fedora 28, and switched back to CentOS 7 because I wanted to
     ensure support from NI.  The 3.6 version is the standard system python on Fedora, and both it and 2.7

     selected as versions worked.  The problem only appeared when going to CentOS 7.

3.) executing from the command line (labview64 gives a TaskExecError() before

      dying ... I assume this is part of the Open Session VI.

The documentation on environment for the Python palette functions is kind of sparse.


Does anybody have a side-installed python3 working with LV on CentOS 7 ?

IF so, thank you in advance for any assistance.

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