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Announcing: 2022 Q4 Linux Device Drivers

The 2022 Q4 release of NI Linux Device Drivers is available now!


New Features

  • Repositories for Red Hat Enterprise Linux 9, Ubuntu LTS 22.04, openSUSE 15.3, and openSUSE 15.4
  • Repositories will no longer be updated for Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7, Ubuntu LTS 18.04, openSUSE 15.1, and openSUSE 15.2
  • Hardware Configuration Utility support for NI-RFSA and NI-RFSG non-composite devices
  • NI-SWITCH Ubuntu LabVIEW API package added to Ubuntu 20.04 repository


For details check the NI Linux Device Driver readme


For the complete list of the latest hardware support, check the NI Hardware and Software Operating System Compatibility webpage



Ray Kong

NI Linux Program Manager

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Bug: these drivers might not work if IOMMU is enabled.

Fix: if it gets to the point where it needs to DMA data to/from your board, and it won't, get into BIOS and disable the IOMMU.


Observed with a PCIe-6343 on AMD 5900X on X570.  Since it sucked to have to figure this out, and I haven't found a workable way to report this to NI, I'm going to leave it right here and hope it saves someone a switch to Windows or a few days of aggravation.

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