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EEG processing

This is basic labview programming - you can use the index array VI to strip out a segment of the 10sec data array and do this in a loop, each time updating the index into the array.  See examples on array functions.
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 Am new to labview and EEG sir. Thats the problem. Thank you
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... continued from here...


So you are looking for an algorithm to process acquired EEG signals for neurological disorders.

I doubt that you'll find someone who can post their vi for this.  Or one that is tailored for you.  You'll need to be more specific.


Which neurological disorder are you interested in?  What are characteristics of EEG for that/those type(s) of disorder(s)?


If you provide examples, then we could provide assistance so that you can code the VI that you need.


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Thank u Ray..


       I need the alg for Epilepsy.. And also for artifact removal...

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   I need to detect whether the signal pattern exists in any time period of another signal.  I am using cross correlation. do not know how to analyse the pattern matching with the correlation coefficients.

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Is the signal pattern of interest documented somewhere?
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i'm doing a brainwave analysis project also, i have an question here

can i use LV program to read data from the RS232?

i'm using a ADC n microController...

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Hi kannajin,


Yes you can use LabVIEW to read data from RS232.  You should start your own thread for that discussion.

Until then, here are a few pointers:


First establish communication between the PC & the microController using whatever application you normally use, such as HyperTerminal, ProComm, etc.

That is to verify that you can communicate with the target and also to determine the configuration settings.


Once that works, you know that your "hardware" setup (serial cable,  PC, microCtrlr) is okay.

Open LabVIEW, and open a new VI.  The new VI is so that you can go into the Help menu.  From there, select "Find Examples".

Click on the search tab and type "serial" in the Enter Keywords box.  Below the box, the word serial will appear in the Double Click Keyword box.

Double click it.


Have a look at the top 3 examples (Advanced & Basic Serial Read & Write).  That should get you started.


Please start a new thread to continue the dicussion if you have any other questions.



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thanks lot for ur information~~~this is the best new i got for today!!

really thanks lot .......i try to use this !!

again thankk you so much!!

if there is any further problem..i hope stil can get  solution for all of u!!

thanks again


best regard


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I need all the frequency contents of the signal as numeric value. I can find it using spectrum. But need it in numerical format.. kindly help me out of this
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