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EEG processing

does any one processed EEG signal to detect epilepsy or  any neurological diseases
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LabVIEW is used routinely for recording EEG and doing both on-line and off-line analysis for epilepsy, sleep staging, and other tasks.  I have been involved in projects for both clinical and research applications on humans and animals. 


What is your application?  Can you give me more details?



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    My undergraduate project is "processing EEG for neurological disorder". But i could not get definite algorithm to detect diseases. If u ve done anything regarding that, kindly send me. I shall study that and try to do my project.



Thank you in advance sir.

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That's a tough subject.  Unlike ECG, which has a very periodic waveform with features that directly correspond to heart activity (contraction of atria and ventricles), no such thing exists for EEG.  There are some EEG "rhythms" that are detectable at certain locations on the scalp that correspond to relaxation, alertness, deep sleep, etc. but these are the aggragate surface voltages from millions/billions of neurons in the brain.  A lot of EEG signal analysis is done in the frequency domain (using FFT processing) to look for relative shifts in power from one band of EEG activity to another over the surface of the scalp.  Google "EEG spectral analysis" and you will find many some examples of this type of processing.


Another technique for identifying and locating seizure activity in the brain (often associated with epilepsy) is "spike detection".  This technique requires constant on-line analysis of many channels, searching for abnormal "spikes" in the normal background EEG waveforms.  Google "EEG spike detection" to find more on this technique.


good luck!


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Hello Sir,

          i searched in google as u said. Some papers were from IEEE. i could not download it. I need to see some blocks that has been done using labVIEW sir.. kindly help me with something that has been done using EEG

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I'm sorry - I don't have access to LV code today...the work I did with EEG was some years ago.


Try googling again and add "LabVIEW" to your search and see if you can find some examples.  Also research the signal processing that is being done regardless of the programming language - the same principles will apply and anything that is done using Matlab, C, or other tools can be done using LV (and probably easier and faster).



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Thank you sir.
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I need to find the frequency of EEG signal for each second.

Ex. If it is a 10 sec signal, i need to get 10 frequencies. How can we find this. Is there any block regarding this.

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You can find many examples of power spectrum analysis in the examples that ship with LabVIEW.  You can easily send a one second segment of EEG data to a standard LV power spectrum VI in a loop and the VI will return an array of power vs. frequency, plus a peak power at a certain frequency.  Look for examples using FFT, spectral analysis, and/or frequency analysis in the examples.
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HI sir, I am taking the data through "Read from measurement file" block. and the signal is for 10sce. How to implement loop here to give input for each sec.
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