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runtime error with scanf function

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I am trying to create a simple console application and keep getting the following run-time error from the CVI compiler:


NON-FATAL RUN-TIME ERROR:   "c:\CVI Programs\struct2.c", line 20, col 17, thread id 0x00004D6C:   Parameter type mismatch; expecting pointer to char but found pointer to aggregate or userdefined.


It's talking about line 20 in my code. I don't get it, I have had no issues with this using the GCC compiler. Can anyone take a look? below is the code.


#include <stdio.h>
#include <string.h>

#define NAME_SIZE 40

struct employee
 char name[NAME_SIZE];
 char hireDate[15];
 float salary;

int main (void){
 struct employee hire1 = {"jimmy", "7/2/15" , 105000.00};
 struct employee hire2;

 printf("enter the employee's name\n");
 scanf("%s", &;
 printf("enter the employee's hire date\n");
 scanf("%s", &hire2.hireDate);
 printf("enter the employee's salary\n");
 scanf("%f", &hire2.salary);
 printf("employee 1 info is name:%s, hire date:%d, salary:%f\n",, hire1.hireDate, hire1.salary);

 char c = getchar();

 return 0;




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You don't have to use the addressing operator ("&") when scanning strings. Your line must look this way:

scanf ("%s",;

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