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read Excel data

Hi All,


I have an excel sheet and I want to read a particular data from that sheet and then I want to get its cell coo-rdinates.Is it possible if yes please tell me the solution. 

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Hello Arpit Jain,

CVI comes wih an interface to Excel that you can use in your own projects. I suggest you take a look at the example <CVI Sample folder>\ActiveX\Excel\Excel2000dem.prj which just shows you how to read / write into an Excel sheed in several ways. This example makes use of the Microsoft Excel 9.0 Object Library instrument that is located in <CVI folder>\toolslib\activex\excel folder.

There are a lot of forum posts related to this instrument which you can look at to have some guidance on its usage.


Just for completeness, CVI comes with an addigional instrument (ExcelReport.fp) which is aimed to using Excel for report generation: this instrument too permits reading / writing to Excel sheets but I have rarely used it so I cannot be of much help in case you want to use it instead of the first one.

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