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"There was a problem sending the command to the program" double-clicking .PRJ

Hi all!

On my Windows 7 x64 machine, every time I double-clicked a CVI project file (.prj) I had the message popup  "There was a problem sending the command to the program", then CVI started as expected, opening the project.


I ended in deleting the registry key




Same thing for .CWS, the registry key to delete is




I didn't go in depth trying to understand what's going on and if there is a less "bloody" Smiley Happy solution. 








Carlo A.

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Hi, I already googled for the problem, I found the very same page(s) and following the directions found there I ended in the solution I posted. 


I would like to know if some NI people (or someone else) knows why the bad behavior happens, if is a bug, a feature gone wild or whatever... Smiley Happy


Carlo A.

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I have a similar problem but am running Windows XP SP3 and CVI2009.  Both .PRJ and .CWS cause the message box to appear.  After clicking OK, nothing happens...CVI does not start.

I have search for a similar registry entry as described for Windows7, but did not find any.

This is a new install and the first time I have tried to open an existing project/workspace file.

Thanks in advance for your help!

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On XP there is no need to manipulate directly the registry.


In any Explorer window go to Tools -> Folder options -> File Types and check the extension associations.

It should be easy to understand what need to be correct.

I have no XP handy, so I cannot be more precise.



Carlo A.

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I am working with Labview 2012, 32-bit on a 64-bit Windows 7 machine.

Every time I double-click on a Labview file (project file, VI, etc) in an Explorer Window,

I get a pop-up Error window with "There was a problem sending the command to the program".


I have been ignoring the problem, because Labview works just fine, but it's getting annoying.


Once I have my Labview project open, I can open VIs listed in the project window without getting the error message.


I have looked into the solutions listed in this discussion thread, plus the ones in the referenced Microsoft pages, but none apply

to my particular Windows environment.

I am NOT comfortable with deleting items in the registry.


Any simple solutions??

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Gretchen, you have to find the equivalent keys for Labview, of course.


But if you are afraid to delete (or rename) the registry keys, the simplest solution is to wait until the problem will be fixed by NI people, sometime in future.


It would be nice if they - at least - will confirm the bug that involves, according your message Labview, too.


Being Labview users much more than Labwindows ones, this gives a hope that it will be fixed somewhat earlier than if it was a Labwindows-only problem.




Carlo A.

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This issue disappeared after the most recent "Patch Tuesday", ie the last Windows OS update.
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Hi, Can u pls share the latest patch details for Windows OS  ??

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I regret to inform you - & everyone else who experiences this annoying error msg, that it returned the last 'Patch Tuesday', in other words, when the automatic Windows update takes place monthly.


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