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multi-channel analog input with external triggering

for SINGLE channel analog input with external trigger, there exists the routine DAQ_Start. I think, this routine belongs to the NI-DAQ software package. The question is, whether there is an equivalent routine for two or more analog input channels. Each external trigger event should start AD conversion of the selected channels.
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I think you are looking for the SCAN_Start() function. As stated in the NI-DAQ Function Reference Help, the purpose of SCAN_Start() is the following:

"Initiates a multiple-channel scanned data acquisition operation, with or without interval scanning, and stores its input in an array (MIO, AI, and DSA devices only)."

As an additional note, if you are not already aware of it, documentation concerning all NI-DAQ functions is present in the NI-DAQ Function Reference Help. This is available in the following location:

Start >> Programs >> National Instruments >> NI-DAQ >> NI-DAQ Help

Good luck with your application.

Spencer S.
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