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I'm using CVI2013 on Win7. 

I have a DLL project proj1.dll where I declared a function "GetExxotestList" like this : 


int __attribute__((overloadable)) GetExxotestList (int *NbCardUSB, int *NbCardPCI, struct DEVICE *Device[8])

DEVICE is a struct declared in the same .c file like this : 

struct DEVICE 
	unsigned long d;

In the .h file of this project, I declared only the function prototype like this :

int __attribute__((overloadable)) GetExxotestList (int *NbCardUSB, int *NbCardPCI, struct DEVICE *Device[8]);

And I compile it with no errors.


Now, in the Main project (executable) I wanted to call this function inside a callback function, so I did like this : 

int CVICALLBACK Refresh_Exxotest_Panel_CB (int panel, int control, int event,
			void *callbackData, int eventData1, int eventData2)
	int NbExxoCardUSB = 0;
	int NbExxoCardPCI = 0;
	struct DEVICE *Device[8];
	switch (event)
			//Update exxotest list
			GetExxotestList (&NbExxoCardUSB, &NbExxoCardPCI, Device[8]);
	return 0;

In the Main project, I added the .lib and .h files of the dll project. 


The problem is when I try to compile the Main, I have this link error :

error: Undefined symbol '__Z15GetExxotestListPiS_PP6DEVICE' referenced in "c:\ProjectX\Sources\Main\cvibuild.Main\Debug\Main.obj".

I can't undrestund why ! 


What is weird too, is that "Z15" and "PiS_PP6" labels are added automatically in the error message, I don't know what is it.


Please advice,


best regards, 







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Hi Houssam,


You need to define the struct definition in the header file so that the external code module, or your main program can see that struct definition.



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int DLLAPI __stdcall GetExxotestList (int *NbCardUSB, int *NbCardPCI, struct DEVICE *Device[8]);

int __declspec(dllexport) __stdcall GetExxotestList (int *NbCardUSB, int *NbCardPCI, struct DEVICE *Device[8])




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Hello houssam;

i have the same probleme when i compil without error but whene i debug i have this error i dont know why im using labwindows cvi 2017

error :

Build Status (OCR.prj - Debug)
 Link OCR Example_dbg.exe
  error: Undefined symbol '_DisplayError' referenced in "c:\Users\i87278\Desktop\OCR exp\cvibuild.OCR\Debug\OCR.obj".  
Build failed.


do you have any idea of this problem


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Hello Rose, 


You may have to change the function declaration of "DisplayError" as I did. 

If this function is declared in another project, make sure that you included the header file (.h) and the object (.lib) in the OCR project. 

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i include all the floder header but there are no object .lib what is it exactly


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