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driver dl1540

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Okay, so the problem is that, unlike other drivers, this particular driver does not install Borland support files. This is why the program file couldn't be attached -- because it was looking for a lib file in the bc folder, and it didn't exist there.


You can't really copy .lib files between the two folders, since the .lib files corresponding to each mode have different formats. CVI will not be able to load the msc .lib file when the compatibility mode is set to Borland, even if you copy the .lib file manually to the bc folder.


By the way, the Borland compatibility mode in CVI is obsolete and has been discontinued in newer versions of CVI, starting in 2009. Is there a particular reason why you must use the Borland compatibility mode?



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Ok, this means I have to set the compatibility mode to Visual C/C++ for this program.

When I leave the compiler in this mode I think I'll have to recompile and rebuild all my other programs.


There is no particular reason why I use the Borland compatibility mode. It was already so, and I didn't have problems with it until now, so I didn't think of changing it.


Thank you for helping me solving this problem.


Best regards


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