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Where to find the nicompute.lib, nicompute.h

I am upgrading a CVI project from 32 bit to 64 bit, and in the existing 32 bit project the nicompute.lib and nicomute.h files are being used.

I am unable to find those files in 64 bit, even i installed the NI GPU Analysis toolkit but still couldn't find the respective files for 64 bit.


Where to locate these files, which toolkit or add-on do i need to install?


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I'm a bit puzzled about this question: you posted it in the CVI board and claim you are developing in CVI, but you labeled the post "LabVIEW" and make reference to a toolkit that is available only for LV Smiley Surprised

Nevertheless, I made a bit of search on the site and found... really nothing or so about nicompute Smiley Frustrated But I have found an open group for GPU Computing where you may find more specific help on this. The group hosts also a discussion about programming for 64-bit machines that seems very negative on this, but is 8-years old...

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