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Slow Interrupt Handling

CVI 2015, Win 7 32-bit.


Using the CompactDAQ 8-module ethernet chassis and 8 modules.


DaqMX is set up to scan 20 times each second, interrupt each scan.  Interrupt handler reads all analog and digital channels, writes all digital modules, does very little else -- hands some strip-charting off to another thread via a flag.


This works flawlessly on Win7 64-bit  quad-core i7 machines in both debug and release compilations.


On the dual-core I5 Win7, 32-bit machine that I am supopsed to deliver with this software, the OS cannot keep up with the interrupts, even though the processor load reported is about 15%.  I know this because I can change an analog input that is strip charted, and it takes seconds to show up on the chart.  Interrupt processing drifts until the DaqMx buffer overflows and the CompactDAQ unit restarts.


The bottleneck appears to be DaqMX and the Ethernet port.


Anybody have experience with this, suggestions, solutions?

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