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OPC UA architecture

Thank you.

open62541 v.0.2.2 compiles and works!

Now I would like to try v.1.0....I think it will be a more stable release...

But simply I cannot find open62541.c and .h on the site...

Someone have already faced with this issue?

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you can find it here, let me know if it works.

i will have to do a server.

you have done a client or server?


Davide Vittorio G. - TLGB S.R.L.
Italian SW Developer
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Dear all, I have some update about OPC UA based on open62541.


I've followed the build guide and create with Visual Studio 2022 a .dll with the .lib and .h from 1.3.8 source, the latest at this date, that works in CVI.


you have to use CVI from 2017 to later one because of the clang compiler, in the older version is obsolete, no need to add WS2_32 from windows kit anymore, just add the 3 files attached in the zip to your project.


the file .h have some little modification from the original, especially I've commented line 992-1000, maybe someone knows the correct header to include.



#if defined (_MSC_VER) || defined(__clang__)
# ifndef UNDER_CE
#  include <io.h> //access
#  define UA_access _access
# endif
# include <unistd.h> //access and tests
# define UA_access access



you can use the example in the source code to do some experiment, let me know if you discover any bug.


There's also a video instruction of every step I've done to create the library for future reminder.

Davide Vittorio G. - TLGB S.R.L.
Italian SW Developer
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