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MessagePopup blank button

We are using a mix of CVI2009 and CVI2013 on Windows 7,8.


Since last few days in an inexplicable way perhaps linked to Windows or Ni update perfectly working  

   MessagePopup(const char *popupTitle, const char *messageString)

   ConfirmPopup(const char *popupTitle, const char *messageString);


instead of expected text draw blanks, like this:



The work around was to reimplement function with Windows api.

I have updated latest CVI2013 runtime to no avail.


any suggestions will be welcome



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Hi ael,


Has this implementation ever worked? Is there a reason that you are using both the MessagePopup and ConfirmPopup functions? It might be useful to take a look at this documentation to double check your syntax.






Kristen M

Automated Test Product Marketing Engineer
National Instruments
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I have the same problem. The code:


MessagePopup ("TITLE", "TEXT");,


gives a popup butt there is no text on the OK button, it is blank. I have both labwindows 2010 and 2015 installed and I tried both versions and both with the same problem. And this problem did occur when I had only 2015 installed.


Best regards,

Christian G.

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Correction, the same problem occured when I had 2015 installed only. (Edited post above)

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Hi ChristianG*****,


In here I think  we would need to have a little bit more of context on what you are doing and how you are usinng the message popup, it looks like there might be something wrong on the way you are calling the function or some parameter not being passed correctly. In the following link you can find the help document for the MessagePopup funciton and also have a reference of some examples on how to use it in LabWindows/CVI 2015


Additionally you can use the GenericMessagePopup, where you can also customize the text inside the available buttons.


Hope that you can find this information helpful!



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The code: MessagePopup("Test","Test"); gives a popup with a button with no text on it.


The code: GenericMessagePopup ("TEST","TEST","TEST",0,0,0,0,VAL_GENERIC_POPUP_BTN1,VAL_GENERIC_POPUP_BTN1,VAL_GENERIC_POPUP_BTN1,0); works fine.


Running the code on a computer with only LabWindows  2010 installed seems to work fine, but on mine with multiple versions installed of LabWindows it does not work.


I also created a new Worksspace with a new project, on my computer, with the code:


void main(void)


And it works just fine, a popup with a button and text on it!


If there is more context/information need please tell me and I will try to supply it.



Best regard,

Christian G.

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We got rid of the problem by unistalling everything and then only installing CVI 2010 and making sure no updates were applied to labwindows.


Best regards,

Christian G.

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If you are win10 system ,please remove thoes below files which are at C:\Windows\SysWOW64. and then remove all CVI revelent files and reinstall LabWindows/CVI

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