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Issue with ConverstionHandle when using ConnectToTCPServer.

I am working on software to request data from several sensors every 2 minutes or longer. I am using ConnectToTCPServer to make the connection and then DisconnectFromTCPServer once I have the data. I am seeing the ConversationHandle increase in value each time I re-Connect. After some time, the value surpasses 1000(decimal) and then starts back at 0. That in itself isn't a problem, but when the numbering restarts at 0, many times it fails connect. Since I am talking to 6 sensors, I sometimes fail all 6 connections. After that, it is fine.

Is there a way to manually reset or release the ConversationHandle number so that I can minimize the connection failures?

Thanks, Mike

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Since zero is a valid conversation handle, I would rather examine the code on your side to try understanding if it behaves differently in that case.

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Sorry, you are correct. It restarts at 1.

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