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Fatal Run-Time Error

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I have this test program which run fine with third party driver A but recently we converted the program to make use of third party driver B and we got this fatal run time error 


FATAL RUN-TIME ERROR: Unknown source position, thread id 0x000018C8: A non-debuggable thread caused a 'General Protection' fault at address 0x687CF5C0.


at the very beginning of program execution. It didn't even go to Main yet so we don't know what is causing the error. 


We are using CVI 2010 installed on a Windows 7 box. The program uses implicit calling to import library .lib. We are suspecting there must be something wrong with driver B DLL. Is there any way to troubleshoot this? Thanks.

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it could be that the import library doesn't match the dll. It wouldn't hurt to recreate it.


Otherwise the but could be in the init sequence of the DLL (some part can be called before main). Does this dll work in other circumstances ? If you have the source code, compile and link to it instead of the dll. Otherwise that's gonna be tough to diagnose...

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Hi there,

Thanks. It is working now. The vendor found out the issue was with LabWIndows CVI version. They had to program some registries to make it work.

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