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Error when trying to migrate project from labwindows 2010 SP1 over to VS2008

I'm sure I've been successful back with this when running CVI 8.5 and VS2003 / 2005, but I keep gettin the following error when trying to do this with my current configuration. What am I missing?


See attached image





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Hi umquat,


This error is pointing to a corrupt Dll in your install, have you tried a repair or reinstall of the CVI runtime engine on your computer?


Best regards

Matt Surridge

National Instruments
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Not recently, but what I would say is that CVI 2010 SP1 was installed after my VS2008 installation, so it ought to be in the right order.... When I get a moment I'll reinstall the CVI runtime and see what happens. Its not critical that I get this fixed, as the project in question is so small, and as the important parts are almost competely ANSI C, it should be really easy to reconstruct in C# anyway. I'll let you know what happens anyway

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