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Blank Automation Server Names

I'm using TestStand 1.0.1 and LabWindows/CVI 5.0. When I select the
"Create ActiveX Automation Controller..." item from the LabWIndows/CVI
Tools menu it churns away building a list of registered automation
servers. When the "Select ActiveX Automation Server" dialog box
appears, the first 40 lines in the list are blank. If I select one of those
blank lines and click the "Open" button I can generate a driver for the
mysterious unnamed server as usual. The completed driver appears in
the Instrument menu as "...", but at least it usable.

All of the servers which are blank in LabWindows/CVI appear with their
proper names when I view the list of automation servers from an
ActiveX Automation Adapter step in TestStand.

Why can Test
Stand see these server names, but not LabWindows/CVI?
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