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waveform generation using AT-AO-10

I'm updating by software multiple channels at the same rate, and it's seems to work perfectly until i try to run this loop at the same time than others functions. Then, it slow down to limits that are not valid. Other DAQ examples seem not to work, they always give me the same error: 10800 in AOControl. Any idea of how can i improve this? thank you.
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There are a couple of issues to deal with at once. NIDAQ function calls are not made until any current function calls have returned. If you have parallel calls to the NI-DAQ driver, one of them will be waiting for the other to complete.
Also, a loop will wait while a call in a parallel loop has not returned yet. This is not improper operation, just a consequence of LabVIEWs 'dataflow' style of execution.
How to fix? Bigger DAQ buffers, code streamlining, and structuring your program to avoid time-dependent/critical sections of code from having to wait for other processes.
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then, isn't there any other way to use this card without programming it by software, i mean, using other types of functions but
thanks for your help.
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