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waveform chart

I have designed a simple program to read a dc voltage ( less than 10 V)  from Spellman High voltage. Though I get the correct  numeric value of a dc voltage, I'm not getting a correct waveform chart. The waveform chart between voltage and time is not correct. How can i fix it?

labview dc graph.PNG Thanks a lot for your time and effort. 

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1.  Remove the wait.  There is no real need for it.

2. Change your Acquisition Mode to Continuous Samples.


So what you have is 100ms worth of data every 1 second.  So you have a gap of 900ms between your acquisitions.  So by setting the acquisition mode to "Continuous Samples", you are telling the DAQ to just keep reading data.  And when you do this, you will want to remove the wait since the DAQ will be limiting your loop.

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When I plot x-axis vs voltage, I want to have a time displaced in x- axis in seconds from 1 to 100( I'm taking 100 data only) . How do I fix it? What I meant is I want x axis from 1 to 100 displaced. 

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