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visual c vs LabVIEW for education software

I am hoping to get advice about LabVIEW vs Visual C for developing education software.  I have programmed in LabVIEW for test and measurement applications. 
I have also programmed a couple of short programs in C, but have never programmed in visual C.  I want to develop software for educational purposes for
students with special needs such as spelling and reading comprehension programs.  These programs would involve a lot of displaying text, graphics and
sounds to the students and measuring their inputs via text or clicks on buttons to determine whether they need additional input from the computer to learn the lessons. 
I was was wondering if anyone has the knowledge to advise using LabVIEW vs Visual C for such programming tasks?
I am guessing that visual C may have more flexibility in displaying text, graphics, sounds etc. since this is mostly what it is used for.  On the other hand coding
in labVIEW seems easier than the little I did in C but that is not a well informed opinion either.  I would have to learn visual C, but if that environment would be easier 
or better in the long run, then I will be better starting off with visual C then getting down the road with labVIEW and changing directions.  Any advice will be welcomed. 
Dave Adams

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you can be bound to Windows,
completely start new the programs,
have to deal with database access intensivly for the knowledge base and student managment,
doesn't do any background processing apart from a timer,
need to learn an alternative to LV
I would start with Visual Studio Express Edition and C# although this would break my LV heart. But I think it's the better way to go.

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also see my reply at this thread.

but would suggest keeping all the discussion in one single thread..

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