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vi control using android

I want to control a string control values(real time) and a control button value using android. I tried to use web services and i got-

"There was an error running the web service on the debug server: Error -67016 occurred at NI Web Service Provider.lvlib:Elevated

Possible reason(s):

LabVIEW: (Hex 0xFFFEFA38) LabVIEW Web Services: File I/O error.

Complete call chain:
NI Web Service Provider.lvlib:Elevated
NI Web Service Debug.lvlib:Copy Public
NI Web Service Debug.lvlib:Copy
NI Web Service Debug.lvlib:Debug Web
NI Web Service
NI Web Service"

Someone please help me in fixing this.

I also tried to use shared variable with data dashboard app, but I don't know what to enter in server name(I tried all the IPs that were listed in my labview, like and

I am using web services and shared variables for first time.

I just want to do something like Data Dashboard LabVIEW - Shared Variable / Web Service. - YouTube this.

Thanks in advanced

Best Regards

Ankit Yadav

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