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variable in DCT and SQLserver



One of my programs is checking in a SQLServer database, a recordset containing a lot of double lines to remove.


in order to avoid to do the parsing in my LabView code,  I began to try to remove them directly by SQLserver request. this request contains table variables. unfortunately, the recordset is returning zero values (wherehas it works in SQLserver directly OR from labview without variables)


I realized by creating the little code I send you joined (LV2015) that the SQL variable are simply not recognized when using the DCT.


is there a solution to make them useable? did I lose my time by working with something not compatible? Smiley Sad Smiley Sad


thanks in advance for your help

Pierre FCentum TNS, Grenoble
Certified LabVIEW Associated Developer
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Hello Pierre_F, 

I do not really understand what you are eager to do. You just want to read varable from an SQL database?

What do you mean by DCT? 


Best reagards,

Caillot Antoine

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