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usrp Rio ref in


how can i configure the ref in port in the usrp Rio.

i want to use an external reference signal to my usrp Rio. 

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Hi foge,


First off, this is probably not the best place for this thread. I'd probably recommend as the best place.


To your actual topic, what are you trying to do with this ref in signal? Are you customizing FPGA code and need to pull the signal into the FPGA/use it to clock loops? Or are you just trying to use an external signal as a reference with the non-FPGA USRP API? If the latter, it's just a simple property node: If the former, please elaborate on what you need to do with the signal.



NI Applications Engr.

Cassandra Longley
Senior Technical Support Engineer - FlexRIO, High Speed Serial and VRTS
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