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I have several input parameters on my front panel. I would like to create a button so that when I click the button my sub vi should open in which I can enter the input values. Could you please help me in solving this problen

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There are LabVIEW dialog functions that you may find helpful.

If you want a custom user input interface, you'll need to create a subVI and have the subVI's front panel show when called.


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Usually for a simple user input I use a SubVI with an event structure. The only event you need is something along the lines of an "OK Button". You don't need a loop, the event structure will wait until some event occurs. Then you can output the user input in a cluster from the "OK Button" case.


Set the VI to open when called and to close if it was originally closed afterward.

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I would like to load the input values to main front panel . Can i do this by just calling sub vi

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Yes, if you want the values to come from the front panel, just make them an input in the SubVI. If you want the front panel to take the values from the SubVI, then wire up the output from the SubVI.

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could you please send me the example program for this if possible.


thank you

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Please post what you've tried so far, either using the suggestions above or using your original idea.

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My main program is too complex which require additional drivers to run it. I have made a sample main program in which I can create a button to call sub vi for the two controllers(numeric and numeric 2)


thank you

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Could you save for LabVIEW 2012 using File >> Save for previous...

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It's too simple that create a event structure with the button which you want to click for opening a sub vi.
Once the event is triggered call the sub vi.
Design the sub vi in such a way that it should open the front panel and wait for user to provide input. Then make the sub vi close when it is actually closed. You can use model settings.
FRom the sub vi you can take the output value to main value to access the values which provided by the user.

Use state machine architecture
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