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unreliable serial comms

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No. You have to place the concantanate and shift register inside the case statement as shown below. You would also want to place your property node inside the case statement so you can actually use the scroll bars. Also, never, never, never, wire a constant to the while loops termination terminal. It probably will not cause much harm with this program but it is a very nasty habit to get into. It ranks right up there with sequence structures and local variables.


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How did you paste those pictures directly into your post? Whenever I try to paste a picture from my desktop or hard drive, it doesn't show up.


The display is almost perfect now, except for one thing: when the 'read' toggle switch is turned off, the scroll bar won't stay where you put it.  It keeps going back to the bottom.  If you click it and hold, it moves up and down on the same period as the while loop.



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Sorry, I wasn't clear about the property node. You would want to place it ONLY in the true case. If it's in both, then you are constantly telling it to scroll to the bottom.


Of course linking to pictures on your hard drive does not work. Your hard drive is not accessible from the Internet (at least it shouldn't be). Use the 'Add Attachments' below the message body. Submit the post. Click  Options>Edit. Click on the link to the image you attach and tell it to open in new window/tab. Copy the URL. Click the Insert/edit image button. Paste the URL.

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