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unregister LabVIEW application

Hello all,

I have a question about commandline arguments and ActiveX server.

I have an LV application which is enabled to act as an ActiveX server. During the installation process the  application is registered and I can find the appropriate registry entries (appname.Application; appname.Application.8; Clsid->LocalServer; Clsid->LocalServer32;..).
During deinstallation process the application is unregistered and the entries mentioned above are removed from registry.

Building the application with "pass all commandline arguments to application" enabled and then installing, deinstalling the application will result in the following:

The application is registered and I can call the application. But after deinstallation the registry entries are not removed and still there.

Can someone give me a short answer ( a longer answer is also acceptable Smiley Very Happy ) what is happening there?

This is not a question about troubleshooting, just for interest.

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