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synchronize analog output input and triggered digital output

Hi All,


Im trying to collect analog data, generate an outgoing clock + trigger using an NI USB 6289 multi function DAQ. 


The analog data needs to be sampled at 5kHz but needs to sync with an external device at 1kHz. I wrote the vi such that the analog output would create a square pulse of 1kHz.


I thought that if I synched the analog input/output then the analog clock I'm outputting would be synched to the external device. 


I tried to add a trigger for the external device to start which should be synched to my analog input/output but when I try to send a digital pulse I get no output and there is no error. 

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Hi garcijon,


What external device are you using? Additionally, you are not properly writing your digital data. You can find an example at Help»Find Examples...»Browse»Hardware Input and Output»Digital Output»Digital - Continuous






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I will review the example. The external device would be a DAQ on another pc which controls a motor and collects sensor data from it. 


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