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start conditions

Sorry for the noob question I just have a very short time to complete this and know little about labVIEW.

I'll start off with my experiment:


I'm heating a wall from one side and cooling it on the other. I have thermocouples set up on either side.


Problem: I only want to start collecting data after the wall reaches equilibrium temp (ie. the thermocouples are basically reading the same temperature on either side or very close). I basically need to create start conditions that when the differential temperature is less than a certain value it will start with the logging.


On a side note: I am also having a hard time getting the data file to write properly with formatted headers and a timestamp. In all honesty I have little idea how to do this. Spreadsheet would be best with the timestamp and the readings for all the thermocouples and the heat flux sensors in a row with each interval below one another.


If anyone could help it would greatly appreciated. If it would help to see my program so far let me know and if anyone is in the Villanova PA area STOP BY!!


Thank you,



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you may want to use an event case or you could use a state machine


if you look on te forum there are dozens of examples


I hope this helps

Harold Timmis
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or you could try this out:



Harold Timmis
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