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spreadsheet string to array not converting

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I have modified the Continuous Serial Read Write Example to read in csv string from a serial port and parse the data out in an array.  It is working for the 10DOF array, but it is not working for the GPS array.


I have attached a picture of a screenshot that shows the string coming from the Serial port.  The H,L is the GPS data and the H,F is the 10DOF data.   Both strings appear to follow the right rules so I am not sure why one would be working and not the other.



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Accepted by topic author TatankaWilly

How do you know it is not working?  Nothing about your screenshot indicates that it is not working.


You either have an F or an L.  If F, the 10DOF array gets populated, the GPS array gets an empty array based on the Use Default if unwired settings on your tunnels.

If L, then GPS array gets populated and 10DOF gets an empty array.

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Some days you're the dog, some days your the fire hydrant.  Yep, moved the arrays into the loop that was parsing the data, and now works like a charm.  


Thanks for the head slap



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