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software based triggering for AVT pike camera

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       i'm using labview 8.5, along with the vision acquistion software (IMAQ-dx, lastest version), to control a cross beam motion sensor and AVT pike high speed camera using a IEEE 1934b cable (800mbps).


I wish have an internal (software based) triggering control system, and have no problem getting the boolean signal from the cross beam sensor, or running the camera indepedently (at about 300fps). 


The problem is the triggering.  I'm having trouble with where to put the camera vi  in the wiring diagram relative to the  sensor.  In the attached image, I have the sensor in a loop, and the camera within, in a nested loop.  However, when I trigger the camera manually with a push button, the sensor stops running.  And when I try to control it with the sensor instead of the push button, i can initate, but cannot stop the camera.


Basically, I would just like to see if there is a internal trigger method for controlling the camera image saving.


thank you for your time,



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I figured out how to generate an internal trigger (image attached).  However, my more specific issue now, is the rate of triggering.  I have a cross beam sensor that generates a boolean value that i send to the case structure to initiate the acquistion of the images, and storage.


But it seems like it  takes about one sec for the initiation  to begin, and need much better than that ( >250ms)


I've got basic knowledge of labview, so I'm wondering if there is something i could change in my vi to improve the triggering rate.


thank you,




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Hi veritas,


You can try placing the IMAQ open and configure VI's outside the case structure or larger while loop. If you don't plan on having the configuration change through out the program this will save some time. This way, everything is configured right from the beginning of your program and all it's waiting for is the trigger before beginning the acquisition. 


I notice that the Boolean value for the trigger is coming from a shared variable. Where is the value being written to the variable?

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Accepted by veritas

ah yes! right before I read your reply I tried that..and it definitely helped.


thank you!



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hi veritas;

I have an avt guppy f-033c camera and optical sensor. I want to trigger this camera by using a DAQ (NI-6009). I have recived digital input signal from the optical sensor and the signal enters into the digital input of the DAQ. according to the signal (0 or 1); I want to trigger my camera as software based triggering but I couldn't. could you please send me your program as attachment?

please help me about software based triggering for avt guppy camera...


thanks a lot



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hi olivia;

I wrote my problem yesterday about software based triggering for guppy camera, but nobody returns to me:(

did you see my message???

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Hi, have you solved the problem?

I also have problems with the triggering. Which software did you use and how the camera are connected? Shouls I use both the 1394B connector for communication with PC and I/O connector for triggering? 

How did you get the AVT sub VI?


Thank you very much.


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