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sequential frames not working

This is my goal:

I have 4 numbers

lets say : 3,4.3, 6,1

I start from level 2 let's say

I want to first 

3 - 2 ( starting level)  = 1 

Then for integer numbers send 1 x 20 digital signal ( so 10 true)

then wait 5 second then read the next number so

4.3- 3 ( previous number) = 1.3 ( so 1 integer part, .3 float part)

send 1 x 20 ( integer part x 20) + 3 ( float part) x 2 = 26 times ( 13 true)

and wait 5 second

then next number

I want this pattern be read 5 times


the problem is it only reads the last two elements of the array. if I run the first frame that reads the element separately in another vi it works perfectly but not here..any idea why

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  • Reduce it to a simpler problem without DAQ and shorter times. Just use a front panel LED.
  • You still don't initialize the shift registers
  • Place reasonable values into the controls and make them the default before saving
  • Some of your subtractions can result in a zero or negative number and the innermost loop will not iterate at all for these.
  • You use floating point numbers in your example above, but iterations need to be integers.



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UGHHH I attached the wrong it is

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Please give your file unique names. I am already up to "test(15).vi" in my downloads folder.

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(3,194 Views) it is

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Any clue ?

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Sorry I won't be near a computer for a while ...

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What are reasonable values for the "Pattern" array (currently it is empty). Your VI uses 100% CPU when not doing anything. Are you sure "switch until released" is the correct mechanical action for the "Run" button?

Shouldn't the "Pattern" array autoindex on the outermost FOR loop? Your code in the true case completes in nanoseconds, so you won't see anything interesting. Should't there be some delays?



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You are right about the switch . Wrong choice 

I even added 5 second time delay and still nothing happened 

I tried to rewrite it with a state machine instead . I feel kind of dumb ! If I want it to run sequentially should I pass the next state to the shift register ? Then how can I pass the values too ?

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Again, what are typical values for the "Pattern" array? I cannot test with an empty array.


How are you running this? What do you expect to see?

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