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semi transparent chart


I was wondering if it is possible to achieve something similar to this with a graph/chart in LabVIEW:


I am mainly interested in the semi-transparent fills. From some googling I have found that LabVIEW native charts are not capable of this, however is there any free .NET or other LabVIEW-embeddable alternative that is capable of this? I would like to use it for real-time plotting of acquired data (~256 Hz/channel typical, 1024 Hz/channel max, 4 channels typical, 8 channels max, with ~30 fps refresh rate on Windows)

(Or is it possible to move some plots behind the grids in native charts?)



Engage! using LV2015
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Not in native LabVIEW, no. You could look into a .NET library as you suggested. Try starting here:

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Check this links:


Windows 8 UI Style


Explore the Environment with myRIO Quadcopter


If you have time and skill you may crate some nice looking interfaces

Guilherme Correa
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I have and you can create his effect by coloring the chart background to the FP background color.


Additionally, the Graph background is actually a picture control - which means you can display anything, including moving images behind a graph.


.NET plugs often give quirky results, such as phantom graphic artifacts, slow refrest time and stale data displayed.



Jack Hamilton

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