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scan mode error when using NI 9234 with cRIO 9075


I am new to cRIO 9075 and NI 9234 and NI 9227

I am trying to use it to measure current and vibration of a motor 

later I am going to control the motor using NI 9263 

Please find my VI andscreen shot of error and please let me what is wrong.


11-5-2016-RT-scan engine 9234 n 9227.png

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The LabVIEW project file doesn't actually contain any VIs, could you attach the VI that is loading with errors as well?

Matt J | National Instruments | CLA
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Hello Jacbson

Thank for your reply

I am trying to use the Find Example with my new added target cRIO 9075

I opened the project.

Saved it including all files.

I added new target.

I removed the oringinal target from project and I kept my added target.

Of course I dragged and droped the two VIs each one under his position either chassis or FPGA

Please help to remove he broken errors as per attached zip ffilecrio-example923x errors.png

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