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Transfer data from host to fpga to Analog ouput module



I want to transmit data from my host to fpga and then to the Analog output (I am using NI Flexrio and 5782 Adapter module).


I connected a DMA-FIFO( Host to FPGA, I16 DATAtype ) directly to the Analog output Module in a single cycled timed loop running at the IO module clock frequency.


But on compiling the FPGA Vi I am getting the timing violation error.


Please help me to know that why am i getting the error or provide a simple example to do so.

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Without your code, we can only guess what is causing the timing violation.  I'd guess you're running your clock faster than your DAC can run in the 5782.

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The DAC is running at the loop freqencythe error is coming hen i am trying to extract data from the dma FIFO.


I am attaching the VI ....Please help

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Hi rahulvinus, 



Why did you use two loops for the transfer? I assume that you used Target-Scoped FIFO to transfer analog input or output values to Target-Scoped DMA loop but it is not necessary. You can write the analog input value to Target-to-Host DMA directly.


By the way, you didn't define a delay so this may be the reason. Please check the examples before going any further. If you still can't use it, let me know. 



Actor Framework rocks!
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