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save error code 3: FP heap.

We have a project that runs perfectly one one computer, however when we run the same project on another computer, building the project fails on a certain VI   When we open and try to save the VI on which the build failed, we get the following error: save error code 3: FP heap. when we replace the bar graphs with new once (of exact the same type) , the error is gone.?? what is the problem? we cannot start replacing all the bargraphs in all the VI's!
Hope someone knows what this problem is about!!
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Sounds like an "insane object" to me. Is this mentioned in the errors? They are getting rare in versions 8.0 and higher. Are you using 7.1?

I'm afraid replacing the barcharts might be the fastest way to solve it. An alternative is using the FP Heap (searching Heap Peak should help you with that), but you still have to do this for each barchart. It will be more work then simply replacing them one by one.

Usually with the BD Heap and FP Heap crashes there are type defs involved, in my experiance mostly type defs of enums. Are you using them? Perhaps the barcharts are just a side effect.

On which PC do you get the FP Heap error when yu save? On the original PC, the destination PC or both? Perhaps if you attach a stripped down vi that has the problem, we can find a faster solution.


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Dear Wiebe,
Thanks for your reply!
Find attached the VI that has the problem. We use labview version 8.2. The original PC works fine, however the new PC on which we started the project has this problem.
Hope you can find the error in the VI.
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I got the same issue under a VI in LV2009. In my case, it was a issues with our compagnie logo in the front panel. I don't know why, but when I delete the logo and insert a new one, the bug is fix.
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