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running Two button dialog box in cRio

I have two vis, one is running in host and other is running in cRIO 9074.


The user chooses a command in host and sends it to target.

The target gets the choice made by user, does some calculus and asks a confirmation with a two button dialog box (that is running in target).


When I run these codes as a project, all works fine. I can see the dialog box and choose a button.

But when I build an application (EXE) on host, build a real-time application on target, set its vi as startup and deploy it and execute the application.exe, all dialog box in target are bypassed and are not displayed in host.

Does someone know what is happening? How can I display the dialog boxes those are running in target on host?

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When you make an executable on the cRIO you don't have a front panel anymore. You are going to have to send the necessary information to your host and prompt your user on your host VI then send the users response back down to the cRIO.
Matt J | National Instruments | CLA
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Why would you WANT to do things this way?


You're working with a deterministic OS.  Why would you want to make it wait on user input, which is the least deterministic thing of all?


If you REALLY want to do something like this, you've got FIFOs you can pass things back and forth between the target and the host to control what takes place.  What confirmation are you wanting to have AFTER the calculations are finished?

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in host I have a command list that I send chosen command by network stream to target. in target, for each command received, it verifies some pins of NI9426, prompts some warnings and/or confirmations, then changes your values. The easiest way I found to do this was putting this part of code in target.
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It'd probably be easier to understand why you're trying to do that at all.  Are you frequently swapping out connections to your pins?  Do you not trust your wiring and need to verify it on each iteration?

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It is a technical requirement of the process that obligate me to check always the cabling before change the values of NI9476's pins.


Do you have some idea how I could do this?

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