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rt_EXE not working

We have code running, an RT app that monitors and controls an industrial process, and a windows UI for basic monitoring, and occasional manaual control. The code seems to be working okay - every 5 seconds a scan of the data is written to hard disk ( on the cRIO) and remote monitoring works. When we build an EXE for our client the EXE doesn't work. We have done real-time projects in the past without this problem, but this is the first time using classes - does a RT project that uses classes need additional files included (like maybe the class definitions or something). Maybe this has nothing to do with classes, but that seems to be the biggest change from past projects. Communications between the RT and the UI is as follows: FTP for file sync, network streams for commands, and shared variables for live data monitoring; that is all fairly staright forward. Any ideas what could screw up an EXE from code that works?




Lawrence M. David Jr.
Certified LabVIEW Architect
cell: 516.819.9711
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Could you please expand on what you're seeing in terms of the EXE not working?

1. Is there a lack of functionality? If so, to what extent?

2. Are you seeing any errors?

3. As a point of clarification, are you building the client into an EXE?

4. What is the EXE trying to accomplish?


5. What required/prompted you to use classes? How are you using the classes?



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