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I have a DaNI Robotics Starter Kit and I am looking to attach a Parallax Servo to it. I have attached this servo to a DAQ and that works fine using the example Parallax Codes.


However, I am unsure on how to programme it using a Single Board RIO. Are DAQ modules required to be installed on the Single Board RIO? I have tried using the examples to programme it but am having no success. OR how do I get it recognised as I have alot of different inputs.


Any help is appreciated.


Best Regards,


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Hi Ben,


Thank you for your question


I would start by looking at an example of Servo motor control using LabVIEW which will show you the software side.


Are you new to RIO? You should also have a look at some of our RIO guides on


Regarding communication between the servo motor and the sbRIO; no, you won't need any extra modules to be installed. DaNI uses an sbRIO-9632 which has a bunch of I/O pins for you to wire directly in to. Using the above example with the pin allocations of the sbRIO found here, you should have the servo wired and running in good time.



Eden S
Applications Engineer
National Instruments UK & Ireland
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Thank you so much for your reply. The datasheet looks very useful.


I have seen the link with regards to the Servo and the software side of things. However, most examples require using the FPGA. Is that the only way or can I use the real time side of things as well, like what the Roaming VI that comes with the robot does.




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