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robot motion control

Hi guys, M new to labVIEW and i need serious help..

i got two motors 5v to drive my robot. I am using a castor wheel  at the front nd two standard wheels at rear..

I want to drive my robot for 5 sec in straigt direction and then want it to turn 90 degrees. then again i want to run it for 5 seconds..

please help me in making my vi ( front panel and block diagram)


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You need to first separate the problem into how you will mechanically and electronically control the robot and then what you need the software to do. Have you done the first part? What hardware are you using? Are you using NI hardware, other third-party hardware, or your own? If it's your own, what kind is it?


There are lots of ways to do this. Have you tried searching the NI site for robot control? You will find a lot of hits, as this is a fairly popular thing to do.  


Have you gone through the LabVIEW tutorials, especially the data acquisition-related ones? The NI Developer Zone's Learning Center is a great starting place. 

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Hi , Thanksfor reply ya...

Yupp, m done with first part ie M using NI instrument. M using two motors to drive two rear standard wheels and one castor wheel is at the front..

M done with thw physical setup for robot and now all i need is labVIEW program.. Help me please...

Thanks ya... 

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Please use full words. We don't do text-messaging here. Thank you.


You still have not indicated what kind of NI hardware you're using. NI Motion? DAQ cards? Something else?

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Hey ben_spencer,


Looks like you have a fairly straight forward motion application. However, smercurio_fc is right; we can't really help you too much if we don't know how you are interfacing with the robot. Are you using a National Instruments motion controller? Or are you simply needing to output an analog voltage from say, a DAQ device. Knowing what hardware you have to generate a signal and what type of signal is needed will really help everyone understand what needs to be done to accomplish your motion application.


Hope this helps,


Hope this helps.

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Doesn't seem like you need anything on the front panel at all.  What you really need to worry about is the block diagram (since there is no user interface based on your description).


(And thanks smerc for your remark about text messaging).

-Matt Bradley

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I am using NI controller. I need a block diagram to run my robot.



Ben Spencer

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ben_spencer wrote:

I am using NI controller. I need a block diagram to run my robot.


That didn't add much detail.  Which NI controller are you using?  What have you tried so far?


It sounds like you are asking others to do your homework for you.  Even if someone was willing to do that, there is no way it could be done because you haven't provided any information.


If you have a particular problem in your project you are stuck on, then please ask specific questions and you will get help.


You said you are new to LabVIEW.  I would suggest you start with some tutorials such as from here How to Learn LV

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Home work sounds funny. M a research student dawg,, well i should look for some other community or discussion forums for help...

Thanks Anyways..

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You will get some help if you ask a specific question. So far, all you've done is ask for a block diagram and that sort of sounds like you want a complete solution. It also took you quite a while to answer the simple questions posed to you.


I don't use NI-Motion but there should be some examples that come with it to get you started. Go to Help>Find Examples. Search the site for other examples. Run the examples and get something working - i.e. some simple movements. Then you can start the code for your project. When you get stuck somewhere, post back.

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