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reset the plot to default / remove unused

Dear users,


the VI analyzer complains about some not anti-aliased plots in Graphs, where I assigned more plots earlier (final state: assigned 2; earlier: assigned 4/5). Is there a way to reset a plot curve to "default", so the Graph consider the plot number # unassigned and unused, please? The list of plots, which were ever used with the given Graph is listed in [Lagend plot right-click menu] > Fill Base Line.


The only other way, how to reset the currently unused plots is to create a brand new Graph.


Thank you for listening!


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Hi ghighuphu,

The most closest solution I have found,


1) first create a waveform graph at the front panel.

2) change this waveform graph to control.

3) feed output of this control to the waveform indicator that you want to set to default and unused.


Hope it helps you.

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Well, if I feed it to the plot, which I want to reset to unused, then this won't work -- it will be assigned, again. Your suggestion only supplies empty array to the plot, as a replacement for Empty Graph command.

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do you 'only' talk about the legend?

You can set the size  of the legend with a property node: Legend-> Number of Rows.


If there is anything else can you please attach ascreenshot or vi?


Kind Regards,





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Here is a screenshot of the numbers I am talking about:


number of ever used plots.png

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I've tried some properties but haven't found any.

Even the reset function doesn't delete these entries.





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