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raster scanning application

raster scanning application


I have a PCI 6711 board with analog outputs and two digital inputs and a clock. I need to set up a simple raster scannig application on a microscope: move (0-10V) two axes and acquire a digital signal (TTL). I have written a double loop in LabView but I  do not understand how to syncronize the input (digital) with the output (analogic). Does anyone know of demo example on such an application as raster scanning? Typically used also in industrial applications.

many thanks



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Re: raster scanning application

Hello Giberto, 


in the following link you can see the way of how to synchronize a digital input with an analog output. The vi attached is made for LabVIEW 2010, let me know if you would like it for an earlier version.


Analog Output and Digital Input using DAQmx


Can you please take a look also to the following link? I think it is what you are looking for.


Synchronize Analog Output Sample Clock With TTL Pulse Count


Let me know if it was useful for you!

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Re: raster scanning application

Hi, i have a pci 6711 and I have to make the same project of Chirico, with 1us ~ for a pixel. 


I have tried the second example but some problem occur, I have to use an external clock for future setup compatibility; I wire my external clock in pfi4 and my signal to ctr0; the result is confusing, I can change the ctr0 frequency (for now is wired to a pulse generator) but the pulse is unchanged, if I change my external clock I can observe a change. 

If I understand correctly I use ci input term as gate, with a 20mhz timebase, if I wire ao out clock to CI input term I count how many signal I have in a pixel time; my signal have to change if I change the pixel time (change external clock pfi4) or signal frequency (ctr0).  

I'm stuck.

Thanks for your help. 

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