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problem faced while implementing inport/outport function calls

We were able to communicate between 2 systems via RS232 for quiet long time. Unfortunately from past 2 days i am having problem in sending and receiving data, we have implemented the attached with this mail using the direct function call. to inform we are using Evaluation version.

Following steps were taken care for debugging this problem:

1) The com ports are working in Command prompt(debug mode)/C programs. We are sure that we do not have problem in the port settings and cable connections.

2) The sample code for parallel read and write program provided in labview sample is working(to say that inport and outport of labview function calls are also working).

3) when ever we tried to read the port which is connected to other system or looped back, it always returns FF as the output of the function call)we also suspect that the data sent through are also not getting written into the port

Can anyone suggest how to troubleshoot this problem?


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Perhaps, this links will help!

Using Parallel Port in LabVIEW

Take a look at Port & Memory Utilities for Windows!

Ian F
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