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creating user in DSC runtime

I've build an application using DSC 7.1.

The application uses permission based security and all users and groups are defined in lookout.sec file.

On the customer target machine I have installed DSC Run-Time Module. Everything works fine.

I would like to allow my customer to add new user names in future, when necessary, on their target machine running DSC Run-Time, without the need to call me for Lookout.sec file update.

I haven't find a way to do this!

Is there anyone who can help me?

Thank You!
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Hi Scalare,

the customer can manage the user accounts on DSC directly from deployed application without the need to new Lookout.sec file.
If you leave the Menu Bar visible on the application front panel, your customer can access to "Tools>>DSC Module>>Security>>Edit User Account" and he can add or remove Users (only he has Administrator permission).

If you don't want to leave the complete Menu Bar on the front panel application, you can use custom menu run time file (Edit>>Menu Run Time).

I hope this help you.

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