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pid "resolution"

I'm using a the standard "PID block" (control toolkit) - and I have set the output range to 2-5 - so this means that the PID controller can output a minimum of 2 and a max of 5! but here is my question: when the cotroller is active it only outputs integers, so this will be 2,3,4 or 5! how do I change this "resolution" so it fx can output 2.3 or 4.5 and so on?? hope you guys understand my question?
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Hi Viller,
I presume you are talking about the "Output range" input of the in control design toolkit. The default data type of the input is a cluster of two doubles("Output high" and "Output low"). Can you preset those values to your desired outputs?
Dennis Morini
District Sales Manager
National Instruments Denmark
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hello i'm having similar problem. what is the resolution of the simple pid.VI, is it posible to change it. for me the higher the resolution the happier i become 🙂


grtz kapoew 

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